Round Table

  • RSVP needed
  • regular, monthly events, 2-3 hours in total
  • pizza, soft drinks, beer to be provided
  • ask for lightning talks in the invitation
  • ask for donations at the end
  • prepare backup topics


  • we should get three or four locations and do round robin
  • negotiate for at least a year's worth of events to begin


  • Inventage AG, Technopark (Oliver) - waiting for definite answer
  • Collab (Geza) - nothing yet...
  • Google (Oliver) - contact left Zurich, what now?
  • AXA-Marketing (Bartosz) - has no money, room is sufficient,
  • Namics (Geza) - prefer to reserve them for code retreats


  • 15 mins: welcome, lighning talks (up to 5 mins)
  • 5 mins: topics on the desk/whiteboard/wall, votes
  • 30 mins (2-3x): round table discussion